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A diamond ring says so much, and our natural, genuine, conflict-free diamonds say it all. From classic solitaires that let the diamond do the talking to contemporary black diamond wedding bands, you’ll find your dream diamond ring here.

14K White Gold 3-Stone Diamond (0.50 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Engagement Ring
    14K White Gold 3-Stone Diamond (0.50 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Engagement Ring

    This beautiful engagement ring features three dazzling SI2-I1 clarity round-cut diamonds. The ring is crafted in 14K white gold. The total carat weight may range from 0.48-0.52 carats.

    14K White Gold 3-Stone Single Prong Diamond (0.23 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Ring
      14K White Gold 3-Stone Single Prong Diamond (0.23 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Ring

      Three dazzling round-cut diamonds are beautifully single prong set to offer a simple and elegant look. Crafted in 14K white gold, this stunning anniversary ring showcases 0.23 carats of SI2-I1 Diamonds. The total carat weight...

      14K Gold Diamond (0.10 Ct, I1-I2 Clarity, G-H Color)
        14K Gold Diamond (0.10 Ct, I1-I2 Clarity, G-H Color) "Love" Heart Ring

        Show your "Love" with this stunning diamond Criss-Cross ring. Beautifully crafted in your choice of white or yellow gold, this gorgeous ring shimmers with 0.10 Ct dazzling diamonds and features heart on either side. The...

        14K Gold Diamond (0.05 Ct, I1-I2 Clarity, G-H Color) Heart Twisted Ring
          14K Gold Diamond (0.05 Ct, I1-I2 Clarity, G-H Color) Heart Twisted Ring

          This gorgeous Heart shape twisted ring is crafted in your choice of 14K White, Yellow or Rose gold and decorated with round cut sparkling I1-I2 clarity diamonds. This elegant set can be worn alone or...

          14K Diamond Rings

          Diamond bands can provide the most stunning, fine jewelry available for women. There are many different types of diamond ring settings, leaving you endless choices for your personal style. Noray Designs offers diamond jewelry perfect for your needs in a variety of cuts, weights and designs.

          Types of diamond bands

          Below, we have listed the most popular types of diamond bands, showing a number of the choices you have when buying a new diamond ring

          • Solitaire. A solitaire diamond ring is designed to bring all of your attention to the stone shape, rather than diamond bands or other detailing. Solitaire means there is one solo precious stone sat within the ring. These are common for engagement rings.
          • Semi-Mount. A semi-mount is a simple diamond band without the diamond included. It means that you can get your own precious or sentimental stone included within the diamond ring for a stunning, hand-made designer ring.
          • Cluster. Diamond bands for sale often have a cluster setting, meaning a number of small diamonds mounted together. These can make up some form of pattern or geometric shape. Sometimes, it is a number of natural diamonds placed closely together so it looks like one, huge gold diamond ring.
          • Cathedral. The cathedral classic style means the diamond rings settings are within a band that slopes and connects at the same level as the diamond, or the girdle. The stone itself may be the same, but the band encompasses the stone.
          • Infinity. Infinity diamond bands are also based on the shape of the band, and the way the diamonds are placed on the band. They usually feature two strands which twist together, which basically gives an infinity symbol, hence the name.
          • Stackable. These are designed not to get in each other's way, for people who wish to wear multiple rings on the same finger. Stackable ring sets are popular among diamond engagement rings to leave space for the wedding ring afterwards.

          How to choose diamond rings

          There are multiple considerations when you are looking to purchase beautiful, fine diamond bands for a romantic marriage proposal or just a gift. Everybody has their own priorities and a different idea of the most beautiful gold diamond ring.

          Cut type

          Some of the cut types are mentioned above as the types of gold diamond rings. How you want the diamond cut and mounted within the ring is vital. Do you want a diamond band with a cluster of stones? Maybe you'll find your favorite in the range of the halo, oval, cathedral or princess cut eternity rings types? Are you looking for a classy cathedral cut that encompasses the stone? Consider whether you are going to wear other rings alongside your gold diamond rings. remember, that the cut type of your ring has much to do with its brilliance.

          Carat weight

          The carat weight relates to the size and density of the ring. When looking for gold diamond rings, a lot of people are aspiring to get 14k carat weight, as this is often seen as the “gold standard”. 

          Color Range

          You have a number of different choices to make regarding the color of the stone and the diamond bands. There are different styles of gold. You may prefer white gold, perfect for those with a paler complexion, or you might want to use more of a statement gold such as rose gold. This precious metal also offer the classic yellow gold shade if you're the lover of the latter.

          There are different stone colors, too. A black stone ring might be an exciting variation, and may match up with your outfit and wardrobe better. An elegant black diamond ring can be a true talking point.


           How do you want the diamond ring set? Are you looking for a solitaire or a cluster? These might be decisions you make beforehand or you might just fall in love with a perfect ring when searching for your diamond bridal sets.

          Check if a diamond band is GIA Certified

          GIA is an organization that decides upon the diamond quality standards and gives a worldwide global standard for quality diamonds. Your diamond should come with a GIA certificate as it gives an independent quality check. You can even check your certificate via the GIA website.

          Match your ring to your dress

          Diamond rings are versatile. They will go with virtually any dress or wardrobe. People with pale skin look better with white gold and simplistic rings. Statement black diamond bands go with any complexion, and also almost any outfit. 

          If you are wearing a plain white outfit, your gold diamond rings can be a chance to add a dash of color. You can use seasons as a color palette to create a matching color scheme.

          If you considered all these factors and came up with your final decision about your diamond ring type, make sure you're picking the right size for your finger. If you're shopping online, it's crucial to measure your ring size online and buy the one that's a perfect fit. 

          Caring for gold diamond rings

          Why would you get a certified diamond ring and not look after it? We have some tips for perfect diamond care to help you keep your beloved hand-crafted diamond rings in the best condition. Some people think diamond bands can’t be damaged. While it is not easy to damage gold or diamonds, it is possible, and you need to take care of both the stone and the band. 

          diamond rings for ringHow to care

          • Clean your ring periodically, this is not a tough process and can be done with warm water and a tiny amount of mild soap.
          • Check the settings for chips regularly, and ensure the prongs are in good condition.
          • Take your ring off if you are doing labor involving the hands, or doing the washing up.

          Store and maintain

          There is a reason people buy jewelry boxes and containers. You should ensure you store your jewelry away from the environment around, including overly humid conditions and harsh chemicals, which can deteriorate your unique gold rings over time. Storage is vitally important. You might just be looking to store overnight or you might need longer-term storage, but the key is keeping the humidity levels stable and ensuring that the ring is protected from any chemicals.

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