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Noray Designs Gold Wishbone Necklace

Gift a little extra luck to someone special in your life with this beautiful gold wishbone necklace. Made from 14K gold and available in white, yellow, and rose gold options to suit every taste and preference, this gold wishbone pendant comes complete with an easily adjustable cable chain.

The necklace closes safely and securely with a simple lobster lock, and the final design is sleek, elegant, and ideal for everyday wear. It's perfect for any occasion, whether the wearer is simply heading to work, enjoying a day at home, or preparing for a special event.

Whether you opt for the white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold variant, you'll find a lot to love about this charming wishbone pendant. The wishbone famously brings luck to all who wear it, and any wearer will feel that little extra luck with this around their neck, making it a great gift for friends, family, spouses, and other important people in your life.

Wishbone Symbol in Jewelry

Wishbones often appear in the world of jewelry and can work well on necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and more. They look lovely in a range of colors and metals, from white gold to rose gold, and we can spot all kinds of famous faces, celebrities, and stars sporting their very own wishbone pendants on a regular basis.

The symbol itself is associated with good luck. So when you see some sort of wishbone jewelry and wonder about the wishbone pendant meaning behind it, it's generally a symbol of fortune. Like horseshoes and other lucky items, people believe that wishbones can help them have good luck in life, so they might like to wear this kind of jewelry when looking for a new job or hoping for something positive to happen.

The History and The Meaning of The Wishbone Pendant

Many people recognize the wishbone symbol and instantly associate a wishbone gold necklace with good luck and fortune. But what actually is a wishbone? Well, as the name implies, the wishbone is an actual bone, found in bird skeletons. Its scientific title is 'furcula', but it's more commonly known as the wishbone and is easy to spot with its classic forked shape.

The wishbone plays a key role in bird movement, helping birds stay steady during flight and strengthening their bodies too, and we can find wishbones dating as far back as the days of the dinosaurs. However, the specific wishbones people tend to snap for luck come from chickens and turkeys, and we often see them around special holiday seasons like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

This tradition dates back to the Medieval days. Back then, people claimed that they could use wishbones to tell fortunes and predict the weather. This evolved, sometime in the 17th century, into the idea of breaking a bone to bring good luck. Typically, two people hold each side of the bone and pull until it snaps. The person who gets the bigger piece is the 'winner' and will have good fortune.

But you don't have to break a wishbone for it to bring good luck. In fact, the unbroken wishbone is a common sign of fortune too, and many people like to wear wishbone pendants and other items of gold wishbone jewelry to feel fortunate. This is why the wishbone necklace meaning can mean so much to people.

When to Give Wishbone Jewelry

Now that we've seen the meaning of wishbone pendants and understand how and why this tradition came about, we can consider a few common situations in which you might like to give a gold wishbone necklace as a gift to someone:

  • Wedding – It's common for a wishbone necklace to be given as a gift to someone who just got married. The idea behind this is to bring good luck to the happy couple, hoping that they'll have a long and prosperous life together, filled with joy.
  • Valentine's Day – Wishbone pendants can also be shared with lovers, friends, or special people on Valentine's Day. Someone might give this gift to their partner, for example, with the hope of good fortune for their relationship ahead. Or you could give one to someone who is single in the hope that they meet someone special.
  • Graduation – Graduation is another key time when a gold wishbone necklace can be the perfect gift. This is a nice way for parents or friends of the graduate to wish them luck in their future career.
  • New Job – When someone starts a new job, they might feel nervous or apprehensive. A wishbone pendant is a nice way to help them feel more confident and try to bring them good luck for the early days in their new role.
  • No Special Occasion – You don't necessarily need a special occasion in order to give someone a gold wishbone necklace, as there's never a bad time to wish someone good luck. People can appreciate this kind of gift at any time of year.

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