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Noray Designs Diamond Bezel Solitaire Necklace

diamond bezel solitaire necklace

A beautiful and eye-catching piece with elegance, subtlety, and unparalleled appeal, this 14K gold diamond bezel necklace can be worn in a wide range of settings and situations and gifted to loved ones for all kinds of special or non-special occasions.

The highlight of the piece is undoubtedly the 0.10 ct round cut solitaire diamond pendant. Nestled in a protective and highly polished bezel setting, the diamond shimmers and shines proudly, catching the eye and adding allure and attraction to any ensemble.

The bezel-set diamond necklace comes complete with a solid 14K gold chain, available in 15-16" or 17-18", depending on your own preferences and tastes, finished off with a comfortable and convenient lobster claw clasp for easy opening and closing.

Buyers also have the choice between three different chain colors: white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. This allows for a lot of variety when ordering your bezel set diamond pendant; yellow gold can be a tempting traditional choice, while white gold is increasingly popular, and rose gold offers something a little different.

Regardless of the choice you make with this diamond solitaire necklace, you'll be able to enjoy a truly breathtaking piece that goes well in any setting and partners magically with any accompanying accessories or shines brightly all on its own.

What Is A Bezel Setting?

This solitaire bezel diamond necklace stands out for its stunning bezel set pendant design, but what exactly is a bezel setting and what are some of the advantages of this particular type of jewelry?

In simple terms, a bezel setting is one in which the bezel actually encircles and overlaps the edges and sides of the stone, holding it snugly in place while still allowing the underside to shimmer and shine brightly.

This is one of the most historic and traditional settings for gemstones and diamonds. When making modern bezels, the setting is actually shaped into the exact shape and size of the gem, before being soldered into the metal form of the jewelry. The stone can then be delicately placed into the bezel, with the metal pressed carefully around the edges to seal it in position.

Engagement rings can often feature bezel settings, and other items of jewelry make the most of this technique too, like the Noray Designs diamond bezel necklace, and there are many reasons for doing so.

Bezel settings are known for their aesthetic qualities, allowing the diamond or other stone to be on clear display, while also being durable and protective, more resistant than alternative options like prong settings.

They're especially useful for people who want to wear beautiful pieces of jewelry but may have jobs or lifestyles that could put those pieces at risk. The bezel setting of a small bezel diamond necklace provides the added protection and reassurance you need.

Types of Bezel Settings

If you're planning on buying a bezel diamond pendant solitaire necklace or a similar item of jewelry, you'll have the choice between two main types of bezel settings: full and partial.

Full Bezel Setting

A full bezel setting, as the name suggests, is when the metal surrounds the full outer edge of the stone itself, covering it from every possible angle, with only the underside exposed to the air and on display for viewers to admire.

This means that a little more of the gem may be hidden when compared to a partial bezel setting. However, the advantage of this method is that a full bezel is able to offer the absolute highest levels of protection to the stone itself.

This means that a full bezel is perfect for people who want their diamond bezel necklace to stand the test of time and last for years to come.

Partial Bezel Setting

A partial bezel setting is very different from a full bezel setting. As the name suggests, with a partial bezel setting, only part of the ring is actually encased in the bezel, with some sections left exposed.

On a diamond solitaire necklace with a partial bezel, for example, you may notice that the top and bottom of the diamond are exposed, while the sides are encased in the traditional bezel way. This option has its pros and cons.

On the plus side, exposing more of the stone allows it to shine brighter and provide more light and shimmer. At the same time, partial setting isn't able to provide the same high levels of protection as a full bezel.

Cleaning and Caring for a Bezel Setting

gold bezel solitaire necklace

If you choose to buy a beautiful bezel diamond necklace, you'll need to know how to look after it. Bezel set pendants can be tricky to clean, as dirt and dust can get stuck in the little space between the stone and the rim of the bezel itself. Here are some tips to help out:

  • Clean your bezel set necklace in warm soapy water, using mild soap, and make use of a soft brush to wipe away dirt.
  • Avoid using any sharp objects like keys, knives, or needles to try and get the dirt out, as this could cause scratches.
  • Take your jewelry to a professional cleaner if you're worried about damaging it and want the best results.
  • Take the necklace off before engaging in activities that might cause it to get dirty, like gardening.
  • Diamond – 0.10-0.33 Ct/ SI2-I1 Clarity/ G-H Color/ Round

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