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Noray Designs Gold Name Necklace

diamond name necklace

Enhance your appearance with this custom gold name necklace from Noray Designs. A beautiful piece, personalized to suit the wearer, this classy custom necklace is made from high-quality 14K gold with 0.50 ct sparkling diamonds decorating the name pendant.

The custom gold pendant is held up by an 18" adjustable gold chain with an easy to use clasp, and buyers can choose between rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold when ordering their own diamond name necklace, allowing you to choose the option that matches your own personal preferences and tastes.

A person's name can mean so much to them, symbolizing their past, their present, their future, and their unique journey through life. This beautiful 14K gold name necklace allows you to show off your name in all of its beauty to the world around you.

A gold name necklace with diamonds like this can be a wonderful gift to share with a loved one. You might like to give to someone special on their birthday or at another special time of year, for example, to show your love and care for them.

You could even give it as a gift to yourself, giving your personal jewelry collection a new custom piece, and it's the perfect item to wear for any occasion, from day-to-day casual settings to more intimate or elegant encounters.

How Long Does It Take to Make A Name Necklace at Noray Designs?

If you order a diamond name necklace from Noray Designs, we understand that you'll want to receive your beautiful new piece of custom jewelry as soon as possible. This is why we go to great lengths to provide rapid turnaround times on every order.

At Noray Designs, we have our own in-studio 3D printers and model makers, with leading CAD software that allows us to quickly and easily craft custom-made jewelry.

Once you've placed your order and sent an email to our team with the name you want to be made for your custom nameplate, we'll get to work. We'll design the name before cutting, polishing, and finishing your order for safe and secure delivery to your home in just 2-3 days.

The Meaning of Name Necklace

Countless people all over the world can be seen wearing a personalized gold name necklace, and you might be surprised to learn that this type of jewelry has rich cultural significance to a lot of different people.

Throughout the years, we've seen nameplates being used in different countries and cultures. Many cultures feel that a person's name is a spiritual and metaphysical embodiment of their personality and character, so a name can be of immense importance, both to its owner and to their loved ones.

It's common in many cultures for a diamond name necklace or another piece of name-based jewelry like an initial pendant to be given to a child or made right after a new child is born. This jewelry can then be with that person for the rest of their lives, a physical symbol of the name that embodies them.

What's more, a big part of why nameplate jewelry is so fascinating is because it can mean such a lot of different things to so many different people. For some, wearing a nameplate necklace is an expression of confidence and self-identity to the world at large. For others, it's a much more personal item.

In all of these cases and more, it's clear to see that the name necklace can mean a lot to all who wear it. Each wearer will have their own personal reasons and stories behind each piece, and that's why a custom diamond name necklace can be such a wonderful gift.

Why and When to Buy a Name Necklace?

There are many different situations and circumstances when you might choose to buy a gold name necklace. Here are just a few examples:

  • Birth - As stated earlier, it's common in many cultures and parts of the world for a custom nameplate necklace to be presented after a baby's birth. The baby's entire life is still ahead of them, and they can hold onto the necklace for all those years, seeing it as a symbol of their identity and a sign of love from those who gave it.
  • Engagement - Many people like to present a gold name necklace to celebrate and honor the moment of an engagement too. It's often given to young women, in particular. When they get married, they might decide to change surnames, but the necklace serves as a symbol that their first name and inner identity will always be intact.
  • Birthdays - Custom gold nameplate necklaces are a wonderful gift to share with friends and loved ones for birthdays too. They're especially pleasant to receive from a best friend or cherished family member, reminding the wearer of who they are and helping to bring confidence and hope into their life.
  • For Oneself - Of course, you don't necessarily have to give a nameplate necklace or initial pendant as a gift to someone else. Many people choose to buy this item of custom jewelry purely for themselves as an expression of their own identity and affirmation of who they are as a person.
  • Diamond – 0.50 CT/ SI2-I1 Clarity/ G-H Color/ Round

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