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Light up your look with our gold earrings featuring hand selected, natural gems and crafted in our New York City workshop. From clear green peridot stud earrings to deep blue sapphire hoops, you’ll find a perfect pair of statement earrings to complement any outfit.

14K White Gold 3.88 Ct Blue Sapphire & 2.82 Ct Diamond Earrings
14K White Gold 3.88 Ct Blue Sapphire & 2.82 Ct Diamond Earrings

These gorgeous earrings feature genuine blue sapphire in a pear shape, accented with shimmering diamonds bursting with an eye-catching sparkle and fire that is sure to turn heads. These stunning earrings are crafted in 14k...

Unique Handmade Gemstone Earringswhite gold diamond gemstone earrings

Beautiful, handcrafted gemstone earrings open up a world of possibilities for your outfits. You can add both color and sparkle to your look with our collection of handmade gold jewelry.

Different Kinds of Gemstone Earrings

What are some of the different types of gemstones available? Where do the stones come from and what can they do for your look?

  • Amethyst Earrings: Amethyst is technically a type of quarts, it has a beautiful violet coloration that can look good with a number of outfits and styles.
  • Blue Sapphire Earrings: This stone is known for being extremely precious and rare. It is a form of the mineral corundum with a striking blue color.
  • Blue Topaz Earrings: There are two main forms of this stone - London Blue and Swiss Blue. The Topaz crystals tend to be prismatic in their look, with a light blue coloration.
  • Citrine Earrings: Citrine is a Quartz variety with a yellow coloration, it has autumnal vibes and is associated with the birth month of November.
  • Emerald Earrings: Luck of the Irish? The Emerald look is absolutely iconic and most people know the specific style of green. These stones can be a real talking point when set in handmade white, yellow or even rose gold earrings.
  • Garnet Earrings: Most garnet has a beautiful, dark red look, often mixed with black colors. These can be subtle and classy.
  • Peridot Earrings: This is a magnesium-rich olivine gemstone, which offers yet another shade of green, with a stunning and unique style of gemstone.
  • Ruby Earrings: Ruby gets its name from “ruber” which is the Latin word for red. The stones vary between pink and dark red.

How to Choose the Right Gemstone Earrings for You?

Choosing a gemstone earring set can be a big decision. You will want to ensure you are getting a stone that suits your complexion as well as the outfits and style you want to match your jewelry with. How do you make sure you are getting the perfect, natural gems to make your outfit sparkle?

Identify the Gemstone

Gemstones should be high-quality and certified where possible. Natural gemstones, which occur without any human intervention, are the most valuable. There are also synthetically made gemstones or imitation gems, which are not valuable and do not look as good. All of the Noray Designs colorful gemstones are 100% natural to ensure the best designer gold earrings. Decide upon your gem type and pair it with a chic ruby or sapphire ring to make your look complete.

Choose Stone

Decide upon which specific stone you are looking to buy. The stone itself may carry certain meaning and have traditional significance. Gemstones can double up as birthstones, or they can be traditional gifts for anniversaries.

gemstone earrings with diamondsChoose Gemstone Color

The stone color is possibly the next most vital consideration. What sort of hue are you looking for? If you just want some simple, affordable gold gemstone stud earrings then you might want subtle coloration, or you might be looking for some striking mismatched gold earrings to make a big statement.

Gemstone Size

Naturally, the size of the stone will have an impact on the price of the stone, but it also depends what sort of look you are going for. A big, bold gemstone will make fur a much bigger earring overall, and if you are just looking to wear something around the office, it might be too much. A minimalistic gemstone earring and a fashion gold ring are enough for a classic office look. Alternatively, a big gemstone might be exactly what you want to make your mark.

Gemstone Cut

Often, the cut of the gemstones will take on a very different look based on how they are cut. Emerald cut jewels can be used for your gold earrings even if you are using other gemstones. While gemstone hoop earrings might have a slightly different design, they can still utilize traditional cuts including cushion cut, trillion cut and Asscher cut. All show off the jewels in a slightly different way, and may have a different shine or brilliance. Think carefully about the cut you want for your gemstone charm.

Price and Your Budget

Gemstone earrings can vary quite a lot in price based on how precious the stone is, where it is sourced, and the design of the gold earrings, plus any gold used alongside the stone. Decide on your budget beforehand, and you will be able to match up the correct stone choice for you. You don’t have to spend as much as you would on diamonds to get some beautiful designer gemstone earrings.

blue sapphire gemstone earringsCaring for Your Gemstone Earrings

Caring for gemstones is important, too. There is no point in spending money on a beautiful and unique gemstone if you are just going to neglect it. There is little denying that all sorts of stones require some care, and not all of the steps can be done yourself. We recommend not trying to clean your own opals, amber or pearls. Store your stones well away from any other jewelry that could do them damage. For example, don’t put gemstones in with diamonds as these will cause damage if they rub up against your other gems.

Other storage and cleaning tips for gemstones include:

  • Staying away from the pool: You do not want to expose your precious gems to anything that could cause them harm, and this includes chlorine and other chemicals in the pool. Remove your gems first.
  • Taking your gems off overnight: Don’t wear your gems to bed as it can cause a number of hazards. Nothing should remain in your ears while you sleep.
  • Use a soft toothbrush (new) to clean off any residue that might have built up: If your gold diamond earrings need it, you can brush away dirt and residue periodically.
  • Get a jeweler to check them once a year: It is a good idea if you have valuable jewels to take them to a jeweler to check on their condition once a year. This means you can spot issues early.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the best handcrafted gold earrings. From hoops to stud earrings, and with virtually every color of the rainbow available in some form of gemstone, the beautiful natural collection of gemstone earrings at Noray Designs can provide you with exactly what you need for dressing up or for everyday use and wearing in the office.

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