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Pendants & Necklaces

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or building your own fine jewelry collection, a pendant is a great place to start. Add a personal touch with an initial necklace or an engravable gold bar, or make a statement with our custom-designed hearts.

Noray Designs 14k White Gold Diamond (1/4 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Heart Pendant, 18
Noray Designs 14k White Gold Diamond (1/4 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Heart Pendant, 18" Gold Chain

This beautiful 14K gold heart pendant is showcases 0.25 ct, SI2-I1, G-H color diamonds secured with a prong setting. The pendant comes with 18" Gold chain. The total carat weight may range from 0.24-0.28 carats.

14K White Gold Diamond (0.90 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Cluster Pendant
14K White Gold Diamond (0.90 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Cluster Pendant

This elegant and classy pendant crafted in 14K white gold and shaped in floral design. The shimmering round cluster is surrounded with 0.90 Ct SI2-I1 diamonds. The pendant comes with 18" gold chain. The total...

14K Gold Amethyst & Diamond Halo Pendant, 18
    14K Gold Amethyst & Diamond Halo Pendant, 18" Gold Chain (0.15 Ct, G-H, SI2-I1)

    This lovely pendant features a 6 mm round-cut genuine Amethyst stone in the center, surrounded by 0.15 ct sparkling diamonds. This beautiful pendant is crafted in 14K White or Yellow gold and hangs from 18"...

    Noray Designs 14k White Gold Diamond (0.42 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Circle Necklace, 18
    Noray Designs 14k White Gold Diamond (0.42 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Circle Necklace, 18" Gold Chain

    Add some glamour to your wardrobe with this stylish and modern 14k white gold diamond circle necklace. The pendant is accented by 15 graduated round cut diamonds that sparkle at every turn. The pendant hangs...

    14K Gold Engravable Bar Necklace, 17
      14K Gold Engravable Bar Necklace, 17"-18" / FREE ENGRAVING


      14K Gold Diamond Square Pendant, 16
        14K Gold Diamond Square Pendant, 16"-18" (0.25 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity)

        This stylish open square pendant lined with 0.25ct sparkling diamonds is crafted in 14K gold and suspends from 16-18" gold chain and secured with a lobster-claw clasp. The total carat weight may range from 0.23-0.27...

        Handcrafted Pendant Necklaces for Womenalphabet initial pendant necklace with diamonds

        Many pendant necklaces can take on emotional and spiritual meanings for people. Whether you are looking for a heart-shaped pendant or an engravable bar pendant, there are so many unique women's necklaces that you can use to make a statement in your own designer jewelry collection or as a gift for a loved one.

        Main Types of Pendants at Noray Designs

        Our handcrafted pendant necklaces have a number of different designs. Some of the most common designs are listed below.

        • Shapes: A pendant necklace is the perfect opportunity to have a shape design giving a glamorous shine around your neck. Gold pendants for women include the famous heart and cross necklace design but other unique shapes include a key pendant, wishbone necklace, circles, flowers and squares.
        • Evil Eye Pendants: The evil eye necklaces are designed to have protection from evil and wrongdoing. They have also become a fashion statement and let’s face it, their unique design gives an incredibly chic and stylish look. Add a 14k gold ring or a diamond band as well and you're absolutely gorgeous!
        • Engravable Bar Pendants: An engraving can mark a special occasion, or create a beautiful and sentimental gift to pass on to someone. Our simple designs for engraving are the ideal way to pass on a message to last a lifetime.
        • Disc Pendants: These are another type of pendant that can be engraved and personalized, and they have a subtle and simple beauty to them.

        What to Look for When Buying a Pendant Necklace

        Stone Type

        Though a diamond pendant is a fantastic design with a classical and timeless appeal, there are a number of different stones you can embed within your pendant for a unique look. If you are looking to get the perfect stone for you, you may even want to opt for your birthstone, or something with sentimental or symbolic value.

        Diamond Cut

        This can also vary greatly. A round cut is a classic look, but more modern designs may include a princess cut or even a baguette cut diamond. Baguette cuts or cushion cuts show off the brilliance and coloration of the diamond.

        evil eye gold pendant necklace with diamondsCarat Weight

        Naturally, if you are looking for a gold and diamond pendants, the diamonds are going to have their own carat rating. Higher carat rating means a big and more dense diamond. A total carat rating may be applied if there are multiple diamonds, and this refers to the carat weight of the combined diamonds. For instance, a heart-shaped pendant might have multiple diamonds encrusting it and this would be rated with a total carat rating.

        Metal Color

        A gold pendant design is a classic, but there are a number of different details, so you can choose a specific type of gold to suit you. A white gold design might be more subtle and suitable for simple wardrobes, whereas yellow gold has a classy appeal, and rose gold suits darker skin tones beautifully.


        None of us have unlimited budgets when it comes to buying a heart or other pendant necklaces for women. Luckily, some of them are relatively affordable and may even have free engraving. If you are going to look to buy a diamond pendant necklace then expect to spend a little more due to the fact it will utilize a rare stone.

        Gold Necklace Length

        A shorter necklace length such as 14 or 16 inches is more of a choker design, whereas an 18 inch gives a happy medium to suit a lot of necklines. The longer length, the more of the drop from the neck, which can give you exactly the look you are going for, or it might be too much and overlap your neckline. 18 inch gold chains for your pendants are very popular as they are a happy middle ground.

        Pendants As a Gift

        Pendants are an extremely popular gift. They can make such great gifts due to the fact that they have such meaning and symbolism to them. Some of the best ways of giving pendants as a gift include:

        • A heart pendant to symbolize your love.
        • An engravable pendant with initials or a significant date.
        • A symbolic stone such as a birthstone embedded within the pendant.

        There are a lot of pendants that have iconic and symbolic meanings at Noray Designs, and can make meaningful yet unique gifts to last a lifetime.

        How to Wear Pendant Necklaces and Style Them with Your Outfit

        heart shaped gold pendant necklace with diamondsDesigner diamond necklaces can be worn in a variety of different ways. The 18 inch size is popular, it looks good with a variety of different styles. Match your pendant gemstone to your outfit, if possible. Use a seasonal color palette to fully understand which tones go together. Don't forget to add a gemstone ring as well for a complete look.

        A smaller, 18 or even 16 inch chain necklace will look good with V-necks. More plunging necklines can suit longer necklaces for a big statement of glamour. Halter necklines don’t really suit pendants, so you can keep your pendant for another occasion. Crewcuts and turtlenecks can lend themselves perfectly to pendant necklaces, though, and even longer pendants can match with these necklines for a classy option. A pendant outside a turtleneck can give a really simple elegance. If you are going for a casual look, a long pendant can look great and give a boho chic and a dressed-down feeling. The great thing about pendants is that they are so very versatile.

        Our beautiful handmade pendants give something for every occasion. As well as being versatile and able to be dressed up or down, a beautiful pendant can create one of the best gifts possible, providing a real symbolic and sentimental meaning. What better way to show someone your feelings than with a handmade pendant necklace?

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