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5 Ideas For Perfect Birthday Gifts For Girls

October 2020 | Mariam Norman

While your girl didn't fall in love with you for your gift-giving skills, it certainly doesn't mean that you can slack off whenever her special day comes around. In fact, because it's a big milestone in her life, you should be making an extra effort to get the perfect gift. Since there are literally thousands of gifts for girls to choose from, it's quite understandable if you find yourself at a loss on what to get. Not to worry. We've scoured the web for ideas on what would make amazing gifts for women and curated only those ideas that would be perfect for your girl on her birthday. Obviously, your girl is special and unique. Every girl is. So, what would be great for your girl quite possibly won't be the best choice for another. For that reason, we're giving you tips with a smattering of girlfriend gift ideas under each one. This way, you have a better understanding of what would make you the "best boyfriend ever!"


Make her dreams come true

If you look at the lists of gift ideas for women online, you’ll find one thing that they have in common - gifting your girl with what she’s always dreamed of. Naturally, there are a plethora of gifts for girls that would fall under this criteria and what you would choose would depend on your special girl. That being said, there are a few cool birthday gifts that are universal.


travel gift for girl

A trip out of town is always a crowd-pleaser. Has she been dreaming of going to the beach or a wine tasting tour? What about a vacation abroad? If you have a limited budget, there's one trip that will blow her mind - going to your hometown. If you're serious about her, taking her to your hometown to meet family and friends, explore your childhood haunts, and making memories there together will mean much more than taking her to Hawaii or Lake Tahoe. Because it means that you're opening up your entire life for her.


If travel isn't something she's too keen on, one of the best birthday gifts for her might be tickets to her favorite concert/s. Who does she love listening to?  Harry Styles, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, U2, John Mayer, etc. Just keep in mind that you'll need to plan this gift ahead of time.


adventure gift for women

Does your girl love getting an adrenaline high? Or is she the type to enjoy adventures outdoors? Then maybe you should plan an adventure she has always dreamed of taking. Some of the best birthday present ideas are those that provide an experience and create memories. Skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, a survival course, a city scavenger hunt, whitewater rafting, car racing, etc.

Propose on her birthday

The ultimate gift for girls the world over - an engagement ring.

Proposing on her birthday makes her big day even more special. And she'll never guess that you're proposing even if you arrange an incredibly romantic dinner at the best restaurant you can afford because she'll think that's her treat. You can even arrange a party with all her family and friends with her none the wiser. As an added bonus, this will definitely be a unique gift for your girlfriend.

"Reasons why I love you" cards

i love you card gifts for women

You don't have to go all out to get your girl something special. One of the best gifts for a wife or girlfriend is something that will literally show her how you feel. And by literally, we mean words. Not only is this going to be a unique gift for your girlfriend or wife, it will enable you to express all those things you've wanted to say but felt too cheesy to do so. And it can function as a thoughtful keepsake that she can take out whenever she feels in doubt. There are several ways you can do this like through a romantic card. You can give her a long love letter. Or, you can buy one of those "Why I Love You" journals that you can fill out if you have a problem expressing yourself.

Unique jewelry is always key

Jewelry pieces almost always make perfect gifts for women. And it's not just because they have become a traditional gift on special occasions. Yes, wearing jewelry can make a woman look and feel beautiful and confident. But fine jewelry is also an investment. It has value which shows that the recipient has value in your eyes. More importantly, it is long-lasting and completely customizable. You can choose to get it handmade and/or engraved. So, the question is, which pieces would make great gifts for girls?


necklace gifts for girls

The best thing about women's necklaces is that it's hard to go wrong with them. You don't have to worry much about fit like you do with your chic rings and bracelets. The standard size fits most people. Plus, she'll find it utterly romantic when you drape it around her neck for the first time.

Bracelets and bangles

bracelet gift for women

Bracelets and bangles are the best gifts ideas for girls who love to accessorize. You need to take note of what her personal style is. What we love about bracelets is that you can buy something that compliments her current collection or give her something that is a bit more distinct, depending on the current status of your relationship - starting out, social media official, moving in together, or already legal.


earring gift for girls

Before you pick out a pair, make sure to note whether your girl has her ears pierced or not. If it's a no, go for a necklace or bracelet instead. If yes, make sure to choose a style and shape she prefers. Look at what she frequently likes to wear when you go out and pick the chic earrings for your women.

Don't forget that rings are always a idea. Choose a colorful ruby ring or a stunning eternity band and make her remember that warm and special gift.

Romantic memory book that shares your moments

Like we said above, you don't need to splurge on your gift to make it great. Sometimes, it's the emotions you're baring that counts. And creating a memory book filled with the times you've spent together will definitely beat anything you can purchase online. Aside from photos, you can include short notes on what you were thinking during those adventures you had together. Maybe include ticket stubs to the first movie you ever saw or a petal from the first bouquet you gave her.

Matching Tattoos

This gift will be an unforgettable gift to experience together and have with you every day. This idea may not be for everyone, but some couples may want to get matching tattoos as a way to express their love. This is going to add a new level of permanence to the relationship as well.

So, when you find an artist, get registered for the tattoo consultation to find the best design together.

It's the thought that counts

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of all the great gifts for women. There are plenty of other unique gift ideas that would make her day. You can get her favorite perfume or pamper her with a day at a spa. But these ideas and tips are only here to help you show your girl just how much she means to you and how much effort you'd put into making her special day the best day ever. At the end of the day, it’s really your love for her that’s the best gift of all.

Mariam Norman
Mariam Norman is a former wedding planner, an experienced storyteller and a gemologist at Noray Designs. She is passionate about helping people explore all aspects of gemology and fashion industry.

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