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With a string of diamonds coolly encircling the wrist, you can’t beat a tennis bracelet for understated elegance and champion gift-giving. Get the look with our classic, versatile tennis bracelets, or try a cluster bracelet for a contemporary spin.

14K Gold 6.0MM Link Paperclip Link Chain Bracelet, 7.5
    14K Gold 6.0MM Link Paperclip Link Chain Bracelet, 7.5"

    This stylish, yet elegant link chain bracelet is designed in paperclip style and beautifully crafted in 14K White or Yellow gold. Each link is 6.0MM in width and weight 5.5 grams. The bracelet is completed...

    14K Gold 3.6MM Link Paperclip Link Chain Bracelet, 7.5
      14K Gold 3.6MM Link Paperclip Link Chain Bracelet, 7.5"

      This stylish, yet elegant link chain bracelet is designed in paperclip style and beautifully crafted in 14K White or Yellow gold. Each link is 3.6MM in width and weight 2 grams. The bracelet is completed...

      14K Gold Diamond & Gold Bar Chain Station Bracelet, 7
        14K Gold Diamond & Gold Bar Chain Station Bracelet, 7" (0.30 Ct, G-H, SI2-I1)

        This stylish, yet elegant bar bracelet from Noray Designs collection is crafted in lustrous 14K Gold and features diamond bars alternating with plain gold bars in stationed design. The bracelet measures 7 inches and secured...

        Gold Bracelets for Womengold bracelet for women

        Whether you are looking for gold bracelets or a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet, you will find handcrafted quality with Noray Designs. Our range of custom-made designer gold bracelets for women gives plenty of choice in terms of designs, and 14K gold of the highest quality in white and yellow gold designs.

        A Brief Bracelet History

        As you know, a bracelet is worn on the lower part of the arm, below the elbow and normally around the wrist. This doesn't seem like an important detail, but actually if it is worn around the upper part of the arm it becomes known as an armlet. The word bracelet comes from "brachile", a Greek word meaning "around the arm". We often think of gold jewelry, including bracelets, as a modern invention, but this is not the case. Archaeologists have actually found bracelets from around 40,000 years ago. Bracelets have been found with spiritual connections and designs which date back to ancient civilizations. Interestingly, a lot of the different cultures in history have used bracelets as part of their attire. In fact, the Egyptians were known for the Scarab bracelet. These are very different to many modern gold bracelet options, but the same principle applies.

        Types of Gold Bracelets at Noray Designs

        We offer a variety of different unique gold bracelets for women, and have explained some of the types and styles of bracelets below.

        Diamond Tennis Bracelets

        Tennis bracelets got their name in an unusual way. In the 1987 US Open, Chris Evert stopped and took a time out due to the fact that the diamond bracelet had fallen off her wrist. The clasp of the bracelet has broken, and she called it her "tennis bracelet", the nickname was quickly adopted for women's bracelet designs. A tennis bracelet is usually flexible, stackable and easy to wear with a variety of different outfits. They have an elegant, timeless look. Types include the flower cluster tennis bracelet, with a classy flowery design, and the circle tennis bracelet with it's circular links.

        different types of gold bracelets for womenStation Bracelets

        A station bracelet looks a little like train tracks, with the "stations" being the particular gems or adornments to give decoration. These can be diamonds in clusters, or a variety of other shapes. You can also shop for necklaces with the same design, and sometimes people get matching sets of station bracelets and station necklaces.

        Link Bracelets

        Another classic style of women's bracelets is the link chain bracelet. Gold chain bracelets come in a "chain" style design, with each link looping into the next. These are flexible gold bracelets for women with a unique look. Some people remove links to adjust the size of link bracelets.

        What to Look for When Buying Diamond Bracelets

        Next, some features and factors to consider when you are choosing diamond bracelets. It can be hard to know what the terminology means and a little research goes a long way.

        Metal Color

        There are a number of different styles of gold to compliment diamond bracelets such as white gold and yellow gold (these are the classical looking bracelets) and also other styles including rose gold which can be statement pieces.

        Stone Typegold station bracelet with gemstones

        The type of stone or stones within the bracelet can make all the difference. Diamonds are usually divided into I and II types, which are categorized based on whether there are nitrogen impurities.


        Clarity is an important factor in valuing the diamonds. It isn't the most important to the naked eye as you may not be able to spot the clarity without a magnifying glass, but higher clarity diamonds have a much higher value.

        Carat Weight

        The carat relates to the size and weight of the diamond. Smaller diamonds with better clarity might be worth more, but many people look for a higher carat weight, and this usually means a bigger diamond.

        Diamond Cut

        The cut is the most important aspect when it comes to how the diamond sparkles, and makes a big impact on the diamond value and look. The rankings are Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor. Fair and Poor diamonds are the lower quality options.

        How to Choose the Perfect Bracelet as a Gift

        Choosing the perfect bracelet as a gift for someone can be tough, but there are certain things you can do to ensure that you have the best chance of buying someone a bracelet they truly love.

        • Consider the skin tone of whoever you are going to give your bracelet to. This will make a big difference when choosing the type of gold. Cool skin tones should be matched with white gold or platinum, whereas warmer tones tend to look much better with yellow or rose gold. If you're gifting a beautiful handmade bracelet to someone with neutral skin, either type of gold bracelets for women will look great.
        • Buy natural diamonds, gemstones and precious metal which haven't been cheaply processed in order to ensure that the bracelet in question won't trigger allergic reactions. Natural, high-quality gold will avoid any issues with allergies.
        • Consider the age of the recipient, and their style. Our unique 14K gold bracelets for women can offer either subtle elegance or more extravagant and outgoing designs.
        • Naturally, budget will come into consideration when choosing diamond bracelets. Some of the larger stones and beautiful handcrafted designs can cost more, for instance, a tennis bracelet for women will have more stones, which can make it far more expensive. For a design that is easier on the finances then you might consider a link style bracelet or station bracelets.

        Choosing bracelets can be a difficult process, but a very enjoyable one, if you are buying a gold bracelet for women as a gift then you should think about their style, and what they will love. There are certain aspects of design that come down to choice, but we believe that custom-made and fine, handcrafted bracelets should be the only choice for a classy bracelet.

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