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Cross pendants

Discover an elevated take on an iconic symbol. Crafted from 14K yellow, white and rose gold and featuring natural diamonds, our bejeweled cross pendants and cross necklaces for women and men come in a variety of custom designs, from dainty diamond crosses to two-tone statement cross pendants.

14K Gold Diamond Cross Pendant, 18
    14K Gold Diamond Cross Pendant, 18" Gold Chain (0.30 Ct, G-H, SI2-I1)

    This lovely and simple cross pendant features 0.30 carats of dazzling SI2-I1 clarity round diamonds, each beautifully set in 14k gold frame. This diamond cross pendant comes with 18" gold chain with adjustment link on...

    Gold Cross Pendantsyellow and white gold crosses, cross pendants and cross necklaces for women

    Cross pendants are nothing short of iconic. You can opt for a simple diamond cross pendant or you can go for an incredibly intricate gold cross necklace. Noray Designs has some amazing, unique cross pendants whether you are wearing one as a fashion statement or as a form of symbolism. Cross pendants are common, and finding a unique cross necklace can make you truly stand out from the crowd.

    The Meaning Behind Cross Necklaces

    The use of the cross is a religious symbol in Christianity and all of its forms. The cross pendant around a chain is to stay close to the Holy Spirit and ensure that your faith is strong and demonstrated to others. The reason we use a cross for this is a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made in the bible. The fact that he went to the cross in the bible for the sins for others. The religious symbolism of a cross necklace is one of the best-known messages carried by a piece of jewelry. Non-Christians do wear crosses as well, but they certainly don’t carry the same meaning as they do for a devout believer.

    Types of Cross Pendants at Noray Designs

    • Double-Row Pendant: A double row cross pendant is exactly what you would imagine from the name. This is a diamond cross necklace with two rows to showcase diamonds and give a thicker, geometric feel. These are unique cross necklaces for women or men to wear. 
    • Cluster Pendant: The pattern on these is made up of clusters of diamonds rather than individual diamonds or simple chains with cross that don’t even have diamond
    • Cross Disc Pendant: Rather than the detailing being a diamond cross or gold cross, it is a gold plate with a cross design embedded within.

    How to Choose the Perfect Cross Pendant for You

    You want to find a unique gold cross pendant for your style. A simple gold cross necklace might be enough, or you might want a more flamboyant cross necklace. Here are some of the considerations.

    white gold disc cross pendant with a necklaceChoose Style

    The styles and types above all give a different option. A cross disc is an unusual twist, but most people will go for a diamond or precious white gold cross. Think about the size of the design, a bigger style may create more of a statement but a small and subtle pendant can be more versatile, and worn with more outfits.

    Metal Color

    Cross necklaces can be bought in a variety of different metal colors. White gold can give a subtle look and tends to match well with pale complexions and simple wardrobes. Rose and yellow gold can look good with olive skin or darker complexions. A gold chain with cross is a pretty versatile piece of jewelry. A gold cross necklace can match with a number of outfits and be worn under your clothes if it is purely for symbolism.

    Diamond Color

    Though the majority of people opt for a white diamond, there are black diamonds available and diamond cross jewelry gives a real chance to experiment with some of these more unusual and unique cross necklaces. Consider what color diamond you are looking for. Black diamonds can be mixed with white to great effect, and there is no denying that a black diamond cross pendant can create a real talking point. These unusual stones give you another option for your gold cross pendant.

    Necklace Length

    A 16 or 18 inch length will sit closer to the top of your neck without being a choker. These designs work well with a lot of different outfits. A 20 inch or longer necklace will usually create more of a dangle, which can work with longer necklines of clothing, though they might overlap some of your clothes which makes the neckline look less effective.

    Carat Weight

    Carat weight refers to both the gold (14K gold cross necklaces are the best mix of value and quality) and also the diamonds on your cross jewelry. If you opt for a diamond cross pendant with many different diamonds then you might find that the total carat weight is advertised, this is the weight and density of all the diamonds together rather than an individual solitaire diamond. A higher carat weight will give an incredibly fine designer pendant, which is worth more money, but you will of course have to pay more for it upfront.

    How to Pair Up Cross Necklaces With Your Outfitwhite gold crosses with diamonds

    Ensure that you have considered how you will pair your cross necklace with your outfit.

    • Delicate and feminate looks can involve simple monotone tops such as a black blouse, which can be detailed with a simple cross necklace dangling down.
    • Making a statement can involve a lower neckline and giving your large diamond jewels the chance to shine and shimmer. Add your favorite diamond eternity rings to finish your sparkling look.
    • For dressing up and eveningwear, let your glamorous diamonds show with plunging necklines. Wear your 14k diamond band or your favorite stunning gold ring as well and you're rocking!.

    Cross pendants undeniably have a huge significance culturally and for people who are religious, but that doesn't mean they can’t be significant for fashion. You can choose unique, handcrafted cross pendants with diamond designs or you can go for a simple cross design. This allows you to create the best look for your style, and ensure you can take your cross with you wherever you go, from day-to-day fashion jewelry to unique diamond pendants perfect for dressing up and going out.

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