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Eternity rings made to last a lifetime: set with diamonds and other precious gemstones, our elegant eternity rings and wedding bands are handcrafted in our family-owned factory in New York City and designed to be worn for years to come.

Noray Designs 14K White Gold Princess Diamond (0.82-1.00 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Eternity Ring
    Noray Designs 14K White Gold Princess Diamond (0.82-1.00 Ct, G-H Color, SI2-I1 Clarity) Eternity Ring

    This gorgeous infinity ring is crafted in 14K white gold and features 0.82-1.00 Ct SI2-I1 clarity sparkling princess cut diamonds, secured in prong setting. The total carat weight may range from 0.82-1.00 carats, depending on...

    Sterling Silver Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring (2.80 cttw)
    Sterling Silver Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring (2.80 cttw)

    22 Round cut Pink Sapphire gemstones sparkle along the entire band, each beautifully prong set in solid Sterling Silver mounting. The total carat weight may range from 2.80-2.82 carats.

    Sterling Silver Round-Cut Blue Topaz Eternity Ring (2 cttw)
    Sterling Silver Round-Cut Blue Topaz Eternity Ring (2 cttw)

    22 Round cut blue topaz gemstones sparkle along the entire band, each beautifully prong set in solid Sterling Silver mounting. The total carat weight may range from 2.0-2.50 carats.

    14K Gold Oval Diamond (2.22 Ct, G-H Color, SI1-SI2 Clarity) Eternity Ring
    14K Gold Oval Diamond (2.22 Ct, G-H Color, SI1-SI2 Clarity) Eternity Ring

    This lovely diamond eternity ring is crafted in 14K gold and features 2.22 Ct SI1-SI2 clarity sparkling oval diamonds secured in bezel setting. The diamonds are 100% Natural. The total carat weight may range from...

    Gemstone & Diamond Eternity Bandseternity ring

    Eternity by name, eternity by nature. Our handcrafted diamond eternity bands are designed to last a lifetime. You can choose between a ring set with diamonds or other types of precious gemstones to provide unique eternity rings for women to treasure for the rest of their lives. 

    What is an eternity ring?

    Many of us have heard the term “eternity rings” without fully understanding the meaning and symbolism of these rings.

    The meaning and history of an eternity ring

    Eternity rings can be dated back to ancient Egypt. The rings weren’t always used to mark an occasion like a ceremony, but they were always intended to be symbolic of eternal love. A lot of the original eternity rings were made in the “ouroboros” design which represents a snake eating its own tail. It may not sound very romantic, but this was a traditional symbol of eternity.

    A diamond eternity band or any circular gold ring can be given as an eternity band to represent everlong love.

    When do you give an eternity band?

    Western traditions often inform when a diamond eternity band is given. Often, men will give a diamond eternity ring after a full year of marriage. The rings may also be given as a gift to commemorate the birth of a child, for instance. The eternal circle of life is represented by a diamond eternity band, too, so for many people childbirth is the perfect time for the eternity band to be given as a gift.

    Types of Women's Eternity Rings 

    There are different types of womens eternity rings, and you have plenty of choices to allow you to match a ring to someone’s personality.

    • Diamond eternity band. A diamond eternity band is a timeless classic. Saying it with diamonds is almost always a good idea. Diamond rings look incredible in a variety of settings and Cbads and can prove a good match for engagement and wedding rings.
    • Gemstone eternity band. A diamond is not the only gemstone out there. There are a number of different gemstones with their own coloration and unique designs. Many gemstones are more affordable than diamonds, and your budget might come into consideration. Emerald is known for love and fertility symbolism. Alternatively, you might use a birthstone as the detail of an eternity band.

    Diamond eternity rings styles

    Round cut eternity ring

    A pattern of round cut stones detailing all the way around the diamond eternity band, usually one touching the other. This can further symbolize eternity. The round cut may come with a bezel.

    Princess cut eternity ring

    Princess cut eternity rings usually consist of a number of princesses cut diamonds back to back around the length of the ring. Because of the shape of a princess cut diamond, they fill the full width of the ring itself, but there may be a bezel around the outside. The princess cut has a beautiful shimmer.

    Baguette-cut eternity ring

    Baguette-cut diamonds have 14 facets and come in the form of longer rectangles, these can be set side by side within the ring so that they encompass the whole length of a diamond eternity band. This is a classy, classical style.

    Gemstone eternity rings styles

    gemstone eternity ringProng

    A prong setting means a number of metal prongs around the outside of the precious stone, often four or six, which clasp onto the stone and keep it in place.


    A channel ring style is relatively common for eternity rings as it allows for stones to be placed in a channel all the way around, or partway around the eternity band. The “channel” is formed by the two strips of metal on either side.


    The bezel setting for a ring is an alternative to prongs, and holds the contents (stones) in place by encircling them. A bezel goes all the way around each stone. This is popular with circle cut diamond eternity rings.


    This term refers to gemstones set in the center of the ring which provides a showcase for the gem, usually a diamond. Gallery set rings are good for showing off the stone you have gone for, and this is popular with engagement rings.

    How to choose eternity rings for women

    • Certified diamonds. Diamonds should come with a certificate to prove their authenticity and that they have been examined and rated. A GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a common certificate that is given by an independent body.
    • Diamond or gemstone color. Diamonds have differences in their coloration, and with the addition of gemstones, you can buy a number of different eternity bands that have their own coloration, which you can match with your own complexion or outfit. Many people go for seasonal tones when choosing gemstone rings.
    • Match existing jewelry. Try to match the style with your existing jewelry (or the jewelry of the person you are buying the ring for) and create a perfect stacking rings set. Make sure the jewels look good together as they may well be worn together every day.

    Caring for women's eternity bands diamond eternity bands

    Elegant designer rings and beautiful womens eternity rings may need some level of care and maintenance.

    Most diamond rings, especially diamond eternity bands, can be soaked in warm water with some mild soap, and even cleaned with a very soft toothbrush.

    In the case of gemstones, it makes sense to take them to a jeweler once a year to check on the setting. Never store gemstones with diamonds, or where they can come into contact with harder metals, as this can cause them to scratch or break away from their setting. The same goes for storing a diamond eternity band with another diamond ring. There is a chance that one diamond will damage another.

    Whether you are going all out and buying a diamond ring or you are looking for something of an affordable gemstone ring, our unique, handcrafted ring collection offers something for your budget, and rings that can last a lifetime, as an eternity ring should.

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