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Embrace modern elegance with our station necklaces: 14k gold necklaces with sparkling diamond and gemstone accents.

14K Gold Diamond Heartbeat Necklace (0.22 Ct, G-H Color, I1-I2 Clarity) Special
    14K Gold Diamond Heartbeat Necklace (0.22 Ct, G-H Color, I1-I2 Clarity) Special

    This stylish diamond necklace features a heartbeat motif, stationed at the center of the chain. Captivating with 0.22 cttw diamonds, this 17 inch necklace is crafted in 14K white gold and secured with a lobster...

    Station Necklaces For Womendiamond station necklace

    Embrace modern elegance with our station necklaces. Our collection includes stunning, handcrafted 14k gold chains with sparkling diamond and gemstone accents forming the “stations” on these necklaces. First seen in the 1970s, these necklaces are known for being very classy and having the option to be worn in a number of different scenarios. This type of fine jewelry is ideal for everyday wear or evening wear.

    What is a station necklace?

    If you’ve never seen one before you might be wondering, but it is clear just from a glance. A station necklace gets its name from the way it looks. The “stations” are actually the embellishments. The chain itself forms a sort of “track” going around your neck. Of course, it has no strong resemblance to a train track, otherwise this would not be as appealing for wearing around your neck. Station necklaces come in a number of different designs, allowing you to make your choice whether you want a subtle diamond station with white gold or you want to use other gemstones for the adornments and make a big statement. Use some other pieces as well, such as gemstone or diamond eternity bands and finish your sparkling look.

    History of the diamond stations

    The station diamond necklace can be dated to the 1970s when Tiffany and Co released “Diamonds by the Yard”. This had diamond stations and was very highly regarded, leading to lots of other station necklaces being released. The popularity of the gold station grew once more in the 1990s when the movie Tin Cup saw the “Tin Cup necklace” worn to great effect by Rene Russo. Today, you can enjoy almost any design of station necklaces imaginable, from a diamond station with yellow gold, to more experimental options with bright gemstones. For the latter option, choose an appropriate gemstone ring and create a remarkable look.

    In the modern age, this item is one of the most popular and delicate options.

    Station Necklaces Metal Options

    There are a lot of options for those looking to purchase a gold station necklace. The type of gold can be matched with your color complexion to give our incredible designer necklaces even more of an elegant look.

    Rose Gold

    Rose gold can give a modern look to your precious jewelry. A station necklace with rose gold might be a good choice for those with olive skin or darker complexions. It is a way to jazz up any number of outfits and different looks with a gorgeous modern design. Rose gold is quite versatile for a “statement” gold and can go with a number of different gemstones. You don’t have to use diamonds.

    White Gold

    White gold is a brilliant option for a diamond station necklace if you are looking for subtle and classy. White gold works beautifully as a pairing with pale skin or in contrast to darker skin tones. Our collection of white gold necklaces features stunning options that can be dressed up or dressed down to suit.

    gold station neclaceYellow Gold

    Yellow gold is arguably the “classic” design of station necklace. It keeps a simple elegance but has more of an old-fashioned feel purely due to the fact that a lot of classical jewelry features a white gold design. A diamond station necklace with yellow gold is great for virtually any complexion.

    Cluster or Solitaire

    Another choice to make when purchasing a gold station is whether you want the embellishments to be “cluster” which means having a number of gemstones clustered closely together, or a “solitaire” design with one gemstone featuring heavily, and designed to be the center of attention on your necklace, even if there are other “stations” around the chain.

    Women's Diamond Stations for Every Occasion

    A diamond station necklace can be worn for pretty much any occasion if you accessorize correctly. Matching your necklace to the event or occasion is the key here.

    Formal Event

    What better, more classy way to accessorize your outfit for a formal event than to use gold and diamond jewelry? A station diamond necklace with white gold gives a really elite and classic style without turning the outfit into something too loud or inappropriate. Subtlety is easily achieved with the delicate look of a diamond station necklace. With a lower neckline, you can take your pick between either shorter chain necklaces or longer necklaces to accessorize a beautiful dress.

    Casual Lookstation necklaces

    The subtlety of a gold station necklace also means that you can wear it in a more casual manner. Your everyday jeans and a top look can be elevated by simply wearing this item. The length of the necklace in this scenario doesn’t matter, and a long station necklace can look great when over the top of a high neckline. It can work with either casual or “smart-casual”. It can turn your everyday slacks into something you’d be more than happy to go out to the store in. You may even turn heads.

    Night Out

    A night out might give you a bit more of a chance to make a statement and experiment with your look. A longer chain and a station can be an elegant way to draw attention and enhance your outfit. A dress or blouse with a lower neckline can be the perfect match for a long station diamond necklace, or for a smaller “choker” length of the necklace. A diamond station necklace worn on a night out can also be an opportunity to wear some different gemstones to give a more vibrant or seasonal look, either to suit your complexion or your wardrobe. Add a designer diamond band or a14k gold ring for a more stunning look.

    How you want to look on a night out is up to you, and with this stunning type of diamond jewelry you have the option to dress it up and create a scene, or keep things subtle and elegant like you would for a more formal event.

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