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Noray Designs Diamond Evil Eye Necklace

diamond evil eye necklace

The evil eye is one of the most significant symbols in the history of the world. From Africa to Asia, crossing borders, boundaries, and religions, this symbol has signified protection and brought comfort, confidence, and good fortune to wearers for thousands of years. With this stunning 14K gold evil eye necklace, you too can experience those same benefits or pass them on to someone you love.

Made from the highest quality 14K gold, this necklace stands out with its beautiful evil eye pendant, decorated with 0.20 ct sparkling diamonds and suspended on an 18" gold chain with a classic and convenient lobster claw clasp for easy opening and closing. It's a striking piece and one that can mean a lot to every wearer.

History teaches us that the evil eye is able to defend the wearer against any threats, protecting them and bringing them good health, good vibes, and a bright future ahead, making it a fine gift to present for everyone from newly-wed couples to newborn babies to adventurous travelers or simply people you want to give a little extra luck to.

This gorgeous gold evil eye pendant is available with three distinct stones in the center: Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, and Black Onyx. Each one is unique, with its own character and qualities, ideal for wearers of different tastes, characters, and preferences, but they all bring the same storied benefits of the iconic evil eye symbol.

You can also choose from three beautiful metals when ordering this evil eye necklace: white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Once again, each type of gold brings its own charms and sense of aesthetic appeal to the piece, suiting a wide range of tastes and desires, but no matter which one you choose, you'll be getting a beautiful, high quality, and spiritually significant item of jewelry.

The History of The Evil Eye

Many people like the idea of owning an evil eye talisman necklace but want to know more about the history of the symbol. The concept has its roots in Ancient Greece. It was in the 6th century BC that the symbol first started to appear on drinking vessels, and it was talked about by some of the greatest Greek philosophers of all, such as Plato and Plutarch.

Plutarch stated that the eye had the power to exude deadly rays of energy, deep from within, and a legend began to develop over the years that the evil eye symbol could protect the wearer against threats and bring curses or bad luck to their enemies.

The idea spread all over the world, particularly around Asian, African, and Arabic countries, and one of the most interesting things about the evil eye is that it transcends boundaries of culture and religion. People of Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic faiths have all had similar beliefs about the concept, and many of them have created and worn evil eye items of jewelry of their own.

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean?

People can choose to wear an authentic evil eye necklace for many different reasons. Some simply like the aesthetics of the design, but others value the symbolism and deeper meaning behind the eye itself. Here are some key interpretations and representations of the evil eye necklace:

  • Protection – One of the main reasons people wear an evil eye medallion necklace is to protect themselves against threats and dangers. It is believed that the eye has the power to ward off danger and keep the wearer safe.
  • Good Luck – Another interpretation of the evil eye pendant is as a good luck symbol. Along with wishbones and horseshoes, some people believe that the evil eye brings fortune to the wearer.
  • Good Vibes – Many people also feel that the evil eye is associated with good vibes and positivity, giving the wearer more confidence and self-belief, and getting rid of worries, fears, and doubts.
  • Health – There is also a persistent belief around the world that an evil eye necklace can promote good health in the wearer. As well as providing them with confidence and peace of mind, it can also improve their physical health and keep them safe from invisible threats and illnesses.

Can You Give Evil Eye Jewelry As a Gift?

evil eye necklaces

Absolutely, a solid gold evil eye necklace or another item of evil eye jewelry can be a touching and meaningful gift to present to someone you love or care about. There are many possible occasions when this can be the perfect gift, such as:

  • Birth – Since the evil eye is believed to offer protective qualities, this can be a way to protect the new baby against any dangers, wishing it a long and happy life.
  • Travel – An evil eye necklace can be an excellent gift to protect a traveler and ensure that they get home safely.
  • Marriage – It's also quite common for people to present a dainty evil eye necklace as a wedding gift. This is designed to protect the newlyweds from dangers.
  • For Oneself – You can also simply buy an evil eye necklace for yourself to wear in day-to-day life, before traveling, ahead of a big event, and so on.
  • Diamond – 0.20 Ct/ SI2-I1 Clarity/ G-H Color/ Round
  • Gemstone – Mother of Pearl/ Turquoise/ Black Onyx/ Lapis
  • Total Carat Weight – 0.18-0.22 carats

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