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noray designs diamond key necklace

Noray Designs Diamond Key Necklace

This beautiful diamond key pendant is made with 0.22 ctw of sparkling diamonds, delicately positioned in an eye-catching white gold frame of 14K quality. An ideal gift for best friends, lovers, and special people in your life, the Noray Designs Diamond Key Necklace stands out from the crowd with its shimmering beauty and unique design.

The stunning white 14K gold of this key necklace exudes elegance, romance, and trust, while the shining diamonds bring a touch of sophistication and glamor to the piece. The key head is formed in a heart shape, making it a touching present for someone you love, while the key pendant itself symbolizes trust, freedom, and secrets.

Wearers of all ages can enjoy the unique beauty of this charming key necklace, and it's a piece that can convey a lot of emotion of thought. Whether you're presenting it to a best friend, a spouse, a child, or someone else who means something special to you, it's a gift they can hold dear for years to come.

What Is The Symbolic Meaning of Key Pendants?

A key necklace is a popular jewelry gift to share with someone special, but what does the key symbol truly represent and what's the history behind the classic heart and key necklace? Well, key necklaces and charms have been given as gifts for many years and can be interpreted in a lot of different ways.

Freedom and Hope

If you've ever wondered 'What is the symbolic meaning of a key?', one of the most well-known interpretations of this symbol relates to freedom, hope, and optimism for the future. Keys, after all, open doors, giving us new opportunities and allowing us to explore new places. For this reason, a lot of people feel that the true key necklace meaning is one of wishing for a happy tomorrow.

Many people would consider wearing a key necklace when searching for a new job or beginning a new stage of their lives, either personally or professionally. It's quite common, therefore, for a key pendant to be given to someone after a marriage, graduation, or when taking the next step in their career.

Fresh Starts and Opportunities

Another possible way to answer the question of 'What does a key necklace mean?' is to consider the key as a sign of new beginnings and fresh starts. If we delve deep into ancient history, we can find tales of ancient Jewish midwives handing keys to pregnant women before they give birth. It was believed that the key would effectively 'unlock' the way for the safe arrival of the newborn child.

In Ancient Rome, too, people believe in the god of new beginnings named 'Janus', who was often depicted with keys in his hand. One possible key pendant meaning, therefore, is the idea that key necklaces can help people have fresh starts, possibly presented to new mothers or as birthday gifts.

Love and Romance

Another interpretation of the key necklace, especially when it comes to a 'key to my heart necklace', is the idea that the key is a symbol of trust and love between two people. Someone might give their partner this necklace as a sign that they hold the key to their heart, for example.

A gold key pendant necklace that includes a heart shape in some way or another can therefore be a very romantic gift. It might be given between lovers ahead of a marriage, when getting engaged, on an anniversary, and so on.

Key Necklace As a Gift

So when might you like to give a key necklace as a gift? Here are just a few examples of situations in which a gold heart and key pendant is the perfect present:

key necklace as a gift
  • A Loved One – It's common to present a heart and key necklace to someone you love, showing just how much you love them. The key can act as the key to your heart, and by giving that key to someone special, you're effectively putting your heart and soul into their hands, proving that you trust them and care for them deeply and implicitly.
  • 21st Birthdays – Another common occasion when a key might be gifted to someone is on their 21st birthday. This is the age at which young people officially become adults, ready to embark on their own independent lives and forge their own paths in the world. In this instance, the key can represent that person's freedom as they set off on their new life.
  • Graduations – A key pendant can be a lovely gift to give to a student who has just graduated and a touching, symbolic reward for all of their hard work over the previous years in their studies. Here, the key can symbolize the person's new opportunities opening up after they've worked so hard and earned their degree, diploma, or other qualification.
  • Best Friends  Best friends are some of the most important people in our lives. Typically, we trust these people as if they were our brothers and sisters, telling them our deepest feelings and most special secrets, and the bond between a pair of close friends can be one of the strongest forces on Earth. A key necklace can be a wonderful way to express that connection, serving as a symbol of the trust and love that you and your friend share.
  • Carat Weight – 0.22 Ct/ May range from 0.20-0.23 carats
  • Clarity SI2-I1
  • Color G-H
  • Cut  Round

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